Job Description for Sales People

Has your Job Description for Sales People Changed With the Times?

Although the dawn of the internet paved the way for what many have called “The Retail Revolution”, it is really the double digit growth in Smartphone and Tablet use that has caused the seismic shift in consumer shopping patterns which retailers and service providers are now struggling to address.


Despite the conviction of many business owners who have stuck to their claim that “my customers don’t shop that way”, no business is sheltered from the fact that there are now more people searching the internet on mobile devices than on desktops, and that this portable access to information has forever changed where, when, and how people shop.

This means that the job description and strategy for ANYONE selling ANYTHING has changed, and ALL businesses need to make a formal change in their sales structure in order to survive in this new environment.

Retailers and Service Providers are likely those impacted the most by the changes. Many of them are overwhelmed by these changes, and don’t know how to deal with them. They have been convinced by their family and friends that they need a website and a social media presence, so they pay someone to do it, but don’t change their business model to support this new frontier.

Here are three things that need to be done to the sales strategy of your retail or service business in order to adapt to the digital world.

  1. Change the Job Description for Your Sales Floor: Retail and Service Providers must refine their expectations for their showroom sales people.  I still see many businesses where the sales people are gathered around the water cooler waiting for a customer to walk in, but to be effective, the role of a sales person must now be to proactively hunt for consumers who are looking to make a buying decision while browsing on their tablet or smart phone (both inside and outside of classic business hours).  

  2. Hire differently: The skill set and experience needed to “sell” is different than it was even 5 years ago. Many businesses still place a large degree of importance on the classic skills like; Product Knowledge, Presentation skills, Closing Skills and “Experience” … but in today’s world, success is dependent on social media skills, targeting skills, research skills, and digital presentation skills. If your sales team hasn’t developed these skills, it is time for a change before you literally “run out of customers”.

  3. Start Communicating Sooner:   If you are only engaging with the customer for the first time when (or more likely IF) they come through the door, then it is likely that they already have a stronger relationship with someone else who has already communicated with them digitally before they ever left the comfort of their own home. If you haven’t already conveyed your value proposition and customized your offering to them, they are likely coming in simply to confirm that they should buy from the person with whom they already spoke.

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